Master's Christmas 2014 Musings

Committee and Team meetings have been a little like the proverbial London buses, none for some time and then four within a short time. To my shame, I forgot to go to the Training and Recruitment Team’s meeting. This was obviously a very busy meeting with a good number of training sessions being arranged. These ranged from “Kaleidoscope on Tour” “Good Practice Seminar 13th March” at Steyning and some workshops prior to the AGM in the Hastings area in May. These are innovative ideas so please do support the members of the TARTS team in their vision. The Publicity Team has also met. There is still a great need for a Team Leader. I seem to write this is in all of my various writings as Master of the Association. The meeting agreed to purchase a light weight exhibition stand that can be carried in a canvas bag by one person. At the Bell Restoration Fund meeting we enjoyed, for a few moments the antics of an uninvited guest at the home of the Graham Hills. Although the family cat had been ejected he left a little present! A tiny mouse was heard rustling behind a chair. With some deft moves by the Chairman of the Committee, the mouse was trapped, humanely, under a tin tray and put outside to join the cat! The fourth meeting was to discuss the Financial Policy for the Association. Again a very productive meeting and it is hoped that the fruits of the meeting will be presented at the next General Committee meeting.

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Master's Late Summer 2014 Musings

Computers – don’t you love ‘em! I have had three weeks without the internet and only getting emails on my mobile which I could not respond to and had great difficulty in reading. Thank goodness I didn’t get rid of my old one as Alan had the bright idea that it might still work. It did. However, my “new” one is now able to enter the worldwideweb once again so here goes with my latest Musings.

A well attended meeting at Twineham was made even more of a pleasure when Alan and I met the daughter of a colleague of Alan’s from some years ago only to find that she and her husband are now learning to ring.

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Master's Midsummer 2014 Musings

Two striking competitions two Saturdays running and a wet start to a sunny day. There the comparison stops. I have just arrived home from the Alfriston Bell Festival. What a brilliant day and the sun came out! Bell Meadow mini ring was working overtime, furrowed brows on the course of the Treasure Hunt, concentration on the faces of the handbell ringers and lots of fun in the striking competition ably judged by David and Caroline House and hot foot back from Worcester two of the young people who represented Sussex the previous week, William Alford and George Woodward. Prizes were awarded for the quickest called changes, two people changes bells in the middle of a ring, finishing the ringing by shaking tiny bells and probably more but I cannot remember. Apparently one team bowed to the judges at the end but I am not at all sure that this made any difference. All good fun and thank you to all who made the day happen. Over fifty ringers from three divisions were pre

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Master's April/May 2014 Musings

What has happened to the Master’s Musing you may ask? Or perhaps not!

April started on a sad note when I attended Leslie Weller’s funeral at West Grinstead. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Thanksgiving Service later in Chichester Cathedral but I understand that it was a suitably uplifting service reflecting Leslie’s life.

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Master's March 2014 Musings

How different the meeting was that I attended today at St Clement’s Church Hastings to the one in 1962! In 1962 the bells were the old steel bells which were completely out of tune owing to the rusting of the metal. Also it was a walk around the ringing area to catch the sally. Today the ringing was in the new and rather splendid gallery on much more tuneful bells and the sallies came straight down!

Before I go any further I must apologise for the appearance of last month’s Musings. I have no idea what happened and whatever I did I could not alter it. Having spent a long time trying, even when I couldn’t sleep at 2 a.m., the computer was determined to foil any attempt to put it right. Someone told me that they didn’t “like being shouted at”. Apologies if anyone else felt the same. I hope all will be well this month.

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