Master's Mutterings (Spring 2016)

Well, spring is definitely here, and in fact looking at the way some of the spring flowers are dying off, it looks as though spring is virtually over. Talking of spring, the wedding season is upon us, although at Goring, we have fewer weddings booked than this time last year. I now collect the bells fee for weddings direct from either the bride or groom, an

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Master's Winter 2015 Mutterings

As soon as I read the last issue of Soundbow, I realised that I had made an omission in my mutterings. I'm afraid that I had totally forgotten to thank the team who travelled to Guildford to represent our Association in the Essex Trophy striking competition. A total of 6 teams entered, and Essex won, so in 2016, the competition will be taking place in Essex. Many thanks to those who gave their time to ring, and watch out as Stephen

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Master's Autumn 2015 Mutterings

The first few months as Association Master have been fairly busy, namely joining practices around the County to hand out 50 year membership certificates. The first of these visits was to Burgess Hill, where Alan Seymour had invited along so many friends of Bill Hubbard, that there was hardly room to stand let alone ring. However a good time was had by all and it was really good t

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Master's Summer 2015 Mutterings

At the General Committee Meeting last November, everyone was surprised when Christine Baldock announced that she would not be standing again for re-election as the Association Master. As the then Western District Ringing Master, I had no idea who would want to take on the role. I began phoning round the District Secretaries, and many other people who I thou

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Master's Blog May 2015

As I relinquish the post as Master of Sussex County Association this coming Saturday this will be my last Master’s Musings.

I have intimated before that the past two years have been somewhat of a roller coaster ride.  The idea of the Vision was very exciting and the team, ably led by Anne Franklin worked well together and after each meeting we all went home with homework.  At the presentation evenings there was a lot of discussion, some very pro, some very helpful constructive criticism and a few completely anti.  The Team met after these meetings, took into account the comments and The Vision was published.  The second remit was to revise the Rules.  The Team looked at going through the old rules and bringing them up to date, both the content and language.  For those of you who are familiar with “track changes” the old rules were very colourful!  Therefore, it was agreed to start from scratch.  These rules were presented to the Annual General Meeting in May 2014 and largely accepted but with some requests for tweaking.  Jane Wilkinson had her arm bent and kindly agreed to lead a new Team.  This she did in her usual efficient way and then in September, just eighteen months after the birth of The Vision, the new rules were adopted.

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